Over the last several months Clementon has experienced an increase in our recyclable tipping fees. The main reason for these additional fees are penalties imposed by the recycling facility for contaminated recyclable loads. We are asking all residents to please follow the recycling guidelines listed below. This will ensure clean loads and ultimately reduce our rates for all residents. If your recyclables are not collected, it could be that you placed them at the curb late, there were improper materials mixed with the recyclables, or your container was blocked or obstructed. If your containers are not collected, please check to make sure it was not contaminated prior to calling DPW. It is possible for the truck to miss a proper recycling container in error. If this is the case, please call DPW at 856-784-0495.

Single-Stream Recycling

  • Municipal ordinance and State law require that all residents and businesses located in the Borough of Clementon recycle
  • All recyclables should be placed in the blue containers
  • Acceptable materials include: glass jars and bottles, aluminum cans, tin cans, plastics numbers 1 and 2, newspaper, white paper, magazines, paperback books, cardboard
  • Unacceptable materials include: coat hangers, pots, pans, plastics numbers 3, 4, 5, 6 AND number 7 ceramics, light bulbs, dishes, mirrors, drinking glasses, antifreeze containers, used oil containers, and syringes
  • Plastic bags should not be placed in your recycle cart. They can be returned to your local grocery store.
  • The collector CAN accept #5 plastic, which is the harder, thicker plastic, like a soda cap, or laundry detergent top. The cap must be removed and recycled as two separate pieces or the material will be rejected by the recycling facility.

Preparation of Recyclable Materials

The Borough has adopted Single-Stream recycling where mixed paper, cardboard, bottles, cans, and plastics are placed together in the borough supplied blue 25-gallon recyclable containers. Loose recyclables placed on the ground alongside of the cart may not be collected, nor will overloaded containers, where the recyclables may fall on the ground during the collection operation.

Large pieces of cardboard must be cut up so they fit inside the container or bundled for easy pickup. Cardboard jammed into the container may not empty.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Clementon Department of Public Works